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Thermal batteries, a profitable alternative for photovoltaic self-consumption

A study concludes that storing electricity in the form of heat to convert it back into electricity can be a profitable solution for self-consumption of photovoltaic electricity in homes. A residential photovoltaic self-consumption system that uses this type of thermal battery could provide savings of around 70-80% in electricity and 15-20% in heating, in addition to avoiding approximately one ton of CO2 emissions per home per year.

Packing some power: storing energy at ultra-high temperatures

Euronews report on AMADEUS project aimed at storing energy at ultra high temperatures.

The first Spanish prototype that "puts the sun in a box" and stores energy

A group of scientists from the Solar Energy Institute is developing a prototype that aims to take advantage of energy from renewable sources by storing it as if the sun were put in a box, to be used later.

AMADEUS project: overview and Future prospects

Presentation at the First International Workshop on Ultra High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage, Transfer, and Conversion (UHTES), 14-15 Nov. 2019 (Madrid, Spain).

International Colloquia on thermal Innovations: Thermophotovoltaic- and Thermionic Technologies

This webinar panel discuss the latest advances in thermophotovoltaic and thermionic energy conversion technologies and explore their combination to achieve high efficiency. Panelists: Andrej Lenert, University of Michigan; Jared Schwede, Spark thermionics Inc.; Alejandro Datas, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Moderator: Gang Chen, MIT

International Colloquia on Thermal Innovations #3: The Brayton Battery

Presenter: Robert B. Laughlin, Nobel laureate, Stanford University | Panelists: Alejandro Datas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain; Asegun Henry, MIT; Andrew Ponec, Antora Energy; Mahesh Mahesh Venkataraman, 1414 Degrees, Australia | Moderator: Craig Turchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Next Generation materials and devices for thermal energy storage

Starting in January 2017, AMADEUS is the first project funded by the European Commission to research a new generation of materials and solid-state devices for ultra-high temperature energy storage and conversion. By exploring storage temperatures well beyond 1000 ºC the project aims at breaking the mark of ~ 600ºC rarely exceeded by the current state-of-the-art TES (thermal energy storage) systems.

Thermophotovoltaics for energy storage and waste heat recovery

Experimental Demonstration of Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion in a report for Spanish public TV.

Next Generation materials and devices for thermal energy storage

Seminar on energy storage at a very high temperature. The state of the art of solar thermal technology is reviewed and an alternative based on molten silicon and thermionic or thermo-photovoltaic devices, which is being developed within the European AMADEUS project, is proposed.

Almacenamiento de energía a muy alta temperatura y conversión termofotovoltaica

Webinar técnico de la serie de Webinars Técnicos FOTOPLAT: "Almacenamiento de energía a muyalta temperatura y conversión termofotovoltaica" con Alejandro Datas (IES-UPM).