We store electricity as heat dispatching it upon demand

Our Solution

Our technology stores electricity by melting silicon alloys at temperatures over 1000 ºC and recovering this heat back to electricity on demand using thermophotovoltaics (TPV). The technology takes advantage of the low cost, the high energy density of silicon alloys, the simplicity and compactness of thermophotovoltaic generation to produce a system that is cheap, compact, scalable, modular, clean, safe, and silent.

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Key Features


Our solution can be used to store electricity in two main applications:

In front of the meter (FTM) application takes advantage of the very low levelized cost of our solution to access significant streams of revenue by participating in the balancing mechanisms, selling their flexible demand and excess generation in the intra-day and day-ahead markets, or adjusting their trading positions in real-time.
Behind the meter (BTM) application takes advantage of the very low cost and high flexibility of the solution to save on electricity bill through enhancements in the self-consumption of on-site generated renewable electricity and supply of the local electricity as well as heating demand